Greeting Card Campaigns

Greeting Card Order Form

Campaign Cost
7 Card After Closing Campaign II $40
7 Card After Purchase Campaign $40
7 Card Thank You Campaign $40
7 Card After Refinance Campaign $40
3 Card Birthday Campaign I $25
3 Card Birthday Campaign II $25
3 Card Birthday Campaign III $25
One-time Setup Fee $15

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How it Works

**If you are co-marketing with another professional, you each pay half (billed separately) and we email them too! (They will be forever grateful to you that you have set up this brilliant campaign that goes on for three years and costs less than lunch!)

  • You send in your client's information.
  • We Print a beautiful digitally signed (with your signature) greeting card, address in a calligraphy font, stamp (with a real stamp) and mail.
  • For a full three years we send out your greeting cards! We will email you that the card has been sent.

Our Greeting Card Campaigns are a unique and effective way to say thank you, happy birthday or welcome home to your clients.

Each card is:

  • Digitally signed (your signature, scanned and printed)
  • Beautifully addressed with a handwriting font
  • Optional business card insertion
  • Matching envelopes
  • Stamped and mailed on your behalf
  • An email notification is sent to you when each card is mailed so you can follow up with a phone call                                              

Let us take care of the details so you can take care of your clients!

Choose a card campaign from the product galleries and complete the form