Getting Back to the Basics

KEEPMYCLIENT.COM - January 31, 2019

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5 Helpful Tips for Direct Mail Marketing

Getting Back to the Basics

Direct mail marketing should play an important role in your current marketing plan. It is often important to get back to the basics. Here are some essential rules that you should always keep in mind when marketing to your current clients, prospects, and professional referral sources.


1. Be Consistent.

Studies show that on average it takes six to seven times for your message to make an impact on a client. Regular monthly or quarterly mailings to clients and prospects can increase repeat or referral business. You never know when someone is ready for your services, so keeping your contact information consistently visible is key.


2. Send Useful Information.

Send postcards, brochures or magnets that provide practical and valuable information. For example, send Home Tips Magnets about baking substitutions or helpful ways to remove stains, or Landscape Tips Postcards for each respective season. Sending valuable information increases the likelihood that they will keep it around, in turn keeping your contact information around as well.


3. Offer An Incentive.

Most people love discounts or free offers. Extend a free consultation or financial evaluation at no obligation. Offer a free Educational Brochure about a popular topic relating to your client. Offering a simple incentive will often increase your response rate.


4. Make It Memorable.

Stand out from the crowd with what you choose to mail. Send a colorful eye-catching postcard that will grab their attention and make them want to read it. You can send an Inspirational Postcard with an uplifting quote, or a Humorous Postcard with a silly image and funny catch phrase. Getting them to read it is half the battle.


5. Don’t Forget To Prospect.

Stand out from the crowd While it is important to retain your current clients, it is also vital to prospect new clients and potential professional partners. Start prospecting niche markets for new clients. For example; first time homebuyers such as newlyweds or renters, the reverse mortgage community or credit challenged audience.




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